Sentimental Journeys


What I like about this project is it takes songs from different walks of life that, when you put them all together have a greater meaning. The Joy of the Journey, the Romance of the Road...I could go on, but you get the idea. Familiar songs take on new forms, from "Born to be Wild" becoming a song of sultry seduction to "The Theme from Star Trek" played as a foxtrot. Enjoy the journey!

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I am excited to announce that Lundscapes, recorded in 1985 and, until now, only on vinyl (and hard to find, at that...) is now available digitally on CD Baby.

Joining me on the disc are lots of great Hollywood musical luminaries, including Larry Carlton, Alex Acuna, Nathan East, Abe Laboriel, Carlos Vega, Michael Landau, and many more. 

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Suite for Turtleback Mountain

What this cd is really about is saving this precious place called Turtleback Mountain from development here on Orcas Island, my home where I compose and perform this music that brings out the honest reasons as to why I do what I do. Each piece in this CD represent a place or feeling that I experience musically about Turtleback Mountain. Every morning I awake and look out my window and it is right in front of me. I am grateful. Buy "Suite for Turtleback Mountain" at CD Baby!

Sketches of the Heart- Vol 1

I like what Mary Ann Dorward had to say about this CD: "Your music is so calming and stunningly serene. Everyone around me within earshot is calmed, even my normally hyper dog Biscuit The Wonder Pup. Now that is nothing short of a miracle I tell you! I had it on during dinner and my 14 year old son said,"Mom this is really beautiful. I feel like I am trapped in the climax of a tear jerking chick flick but that's OK.I like it." (thought you'd get a kick out of that comment?!) My daugher who is 17 started harmonizing with your music almost immediately, humming and becoming a creative collaborator. I thought that was interesting as it was precisely my impulse as I lay on the couch reading or in my car driving along." Buy "Sketches of the Heart - Vol 1" at CD Baby!

Christmas In The San Juans

Laid back and reflective Christmas songs with the character of the San Juan Islands at heart; if you've ever been here, you know what I mean.


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No Rhyme or Reason / Martin Lund/The El Super Blancos

As Lawrence Welk said, It's just the boys having a little bit of fun!"This particular album was done on a Saturday afternoon by myself and some of the most gifted musicians that I know and perhaps others in LA know as well. It is live and it is eclectic which means don't just listen to one track. It was such a joy to play live with Alex Acuna, Mike Miller, Tim Landers, Mitch Forman, Larry Cohn, Art Rodriguez, wild man Ray Pizzi (jazz bassoonist/saxist) and Moqui Lund in a spontaneous setting. As the musician's union bumper sticker says, "live music is best." PS This is a real photo. Can you pick me out?............. (I am the handsome one) Buy "No Rhyme or Reason" at CD Baby!